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Thiruvanaya Navamukunda Temple, near Ponnani in Malappuram district is situated on the banks of the river Bharathapuzha.On the other side of the river are temples for Lord Shiva and Brahmma. Hence this is a TriMurthy Sangamam. Thirunavaya is considered equivalent to Varanasi because of the presence of Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma temples.Thirunavaya was once the capital of Perumpadapu Swaroopam. It is indeed the cradle of culture in northern Kerala.olding immense historical importance, this is the place where 'Mamangam', a grand assembly of the rulers of Kerala was held once every 12 years, in olden times. This extravagant festival was held for the last time in 1755 AD. The famous and ancient Thirunavaya Temple, known throughout the country as an ancient teaching-centre of the Vedas, was once plundered and destroyed by Tipu Sultan's army. It was the Zamorin who repaired the temple later

Thirunavaya Nava Mukunda Temple

Nava Yogis

This is the place were Nava yogis (Sathuvanathar, Saaloga nathar, Aadhinathar, Arulithanathar, Madhanga Nathar, Macchendira Nathar, Kadayanthira Nathar, Korakkanathar and Kukkudanathar) worshipped Vishnu. Vishnu gave darsan for Nava yogi. Hence this place is called Thirunavayogi and later changed in to Thirunaavaya. In due course, 8 yogis attained moksha and the vigrahams worshipped by them also disappeared and as a result of this, the ninth yogi got dejected and stopped offering worship to Vishnu. When questioned by Perumal, he said that he was missing his companions and Perumal with his maya showed the 8 yogis. The 8 yogis agreed to stay there but said that they would be invisible to human eyes and the 9th yogi could feel their presence. In due course, the 9th yogi requested Perumal to make him also invisible. But Perumal insisted that the vigraham worshipped by the 9 th yogi must be kept there itself and Perumal blessed the 9 yogis saying that they could offer worship to Him at that place forever. Hence, what we see now is the vigraham worshipped by the 9th yogi.


Goddess Mahalakshmi and Gajendra (Indradyumna) used to offer lotus flowers for worshipping Perumal. As Lakshmi Devi would pluck the flowers for aaradhana daily before Gajendran, the elephant got dejected and approached Perumal and told that henceforth it had to go elsewhere to get lotuses for Perumal. As Perumal did not want his devotee to get dejected, He appeared before Goddess Mahalakshmi and Gajendran and said that Thayar could be with Him and accept the offerings made by Gajendran. Hence, this is the only divya desam, in Kerala which has a separate Sreekovil for Maha Lakshmi (Thayar).

It is a usual practice in Kerala temples that after installing an idol, the Sreekovil would remain closed for 7 days with the belief that the devas would offer pooja to the idol. In this temple, first a vigraham was installed and the Sreekovil was kept closed for 7 days. But when the doors opened, they were shocked to see the idol missing. They again brought another idol and the idol disappeared. This went on for 8 times and on the 9th time, out of curiosity, when they opened the temple doors before the scheduled time, they were shocked to see that the idol had descended into the earth upto the knee. To prevent further descent of the idol, They immediately chanted various mantras and saw to it that the idol did not descend further. It is believed that when the idol would descend into the earth, Kaliyuga will come to an end.

Thirunavaya is considered equivalent to Varanasi because of the presence of Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma temples. It is a well known story that Markandeya was destined to die at th age of 16. When Lord Yama came to take his life, the little boy ran into this temple and prayed to Perumal to save him. Perumal appeared before the boy and gave him a Shiva linga for worship and advised the boy to escape from the backside entrance. He assured that Lord Shiva would take care of him. As soon as Markandeya escaped from the backside, Perumal placed a big stone and closed the way permanently and ensured that Yama could not enter the way. To this day, the door behind Perumal remains closed. Markandeya worshiped Shiva near to this temple and the place where Lord Shiva gave darsan to Markandeya and killed Yama, is now famous as the Truppangottu Shiva Temple - one among 108 Shivalayams.

Pitru Tharpanam

Another story goes that Parasurama performed Tharpanam for his father at this place. This Kshetram is an auspicious place for performing ‘Pitru Tharpanam’ and is believed to have powers equivalent to that of performing Tharpanam in Kasi.

Alwars Love

In pasurams of Tirumangaialwar and Nammalwar, Thirunavaya is refered as Thirunavai, Lord Vishnu as Sree Nava Mukunda Perumal and Thayar (Mahalakshmi) as Malar Mangai Naachiyaar or Sirudevi. Thiru Mangai in one of his 2 paasurams refers to Thiru Naavai Lord alongside Thiru Koshtiyur Divya Desam.

கம்ப மா களிறு அஞ்சிக் கலங்க, ஓர்
கொம்பு கொண்ட குறை கழல் கூத்தினை
கொம்பு உலாம் பொழில் கொட்டியுர்க் கண்டு பொய்
நம்பனைச்சென்று காண்டும் நாவாயுலே

In another verse, Thiru Mangai refers to seeing the Thiru Navai Lord at Thiru Naraiyur

தூ வாய புள் ஊர்ந்து வந்து, துறை வேழும்
மூவாமை, நல்கி, முதலை துணித்தானை
தேவாதிதேவனை, செங்கமலக் கண்ணானை
நாவாய் உளானை நறையூரில் கண்டேனே

Temple Timings

Time 5:00am-11:00am (11:30 on sundays) and 5pm-8pm


Located in Malapuram District Thirunavaya has a railway station but not many Trains stop. Tirur (10 Kms) & Shornur (53 Kms)are main Stoppages Nearest Airport is Kozhikode (43 Kms) & Coimbatore (140 Kms)


ThiruNavai temple offers accommodation to devotees at Rs. 100/- for 2 hours or full day deluxe rooms between Rs.200 and 500 based on the specific needs

Breakfast is available at the temple premises


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Nearby Temples

There are three important temples near Thirunavaya and worshippers coming to Thirunavaya visit these temples as a part of their customary 'ritual visit of four temples' (Naalambala Yaathra).

Uyyavantha Perumal Temple

Thiruvithuvacode or Thirumittacode is located 25 East of Thirunavaya The Abhaya Pradhan Temple or Uyyavantha Perumal Temple is one of the five Vishnu temples built by Pandavas.Uyyavantha Perumal is the presiding deity in this temple and is present in nindra tirukolam. The thayar here is known as vithuvakotu valli or padmapaani nachiyar. The temple is more famous as Anjumoorthy temple. It is one among the 13 Malai naadu divyadesams.The goddess is called Vithuvakottu valli and also as Padma pani nachiyar

Triprangode Maha Deva Temple

Triprangode Maha Deva Temple or Siva Kshethram is situated at Triprangode, a serene village, 4 KMs to the West of Thirunavaya Temple. The main deity of this temple is the Maha Sivan (Great Siva) who rescued the young boy Maarkandeya from the Kaala Paasam (the time noose) of Yama (the god of Death). The connection between Navamukunda Temple and Triprangode Siva Temple is mentioned in the ancient Classic 'Maarkkandeya Puraanam'. The main offerings (vazhipads) of this temple are 'Sanghabhishekam' and 'Mruthyunjaya Homam'.

Alathiyur Perum Thrikkovil (Hanuman kavu) Alathiyur Perum Thrikkovil is situated in a village Poyilissery, 6 KMs from Tirunavaya and 2 KMs from Triprangode.It is widely known, all over Kerala, as Hanuman Kaavu. However, the prime deity is Sree Ramaswamy. On his right side, just adjacent to the main Sreekovil , Bhaktha Hanuman is seated in another Sreekovil, as if listening to the 'Seetha Rahasyam'. It is generally believed that this deity (Hanuman) is powerful enough to grant whatever is prayed for. The main offering (vazhipadu) of this temple is 'Avil Nivedyam'

Trikkandiyur Maha Deva Temple At Tirur, 10 KMs from Thirunavaya, is the famous Trikkandiyur Maha Deva Temple. It is close to Thunjan Parambu, the birth place of Thunjath Ezhuthachan, the 'Father of Malayalam Language'.The main idol of this temple, the Siva Lingam, is believed to have been consecrated by Lord Parasurama himself, an incarnation of Vishnu. An idol of Parasurama is also worshipped here.This temple is one of the Mahakshetrams (great temples from ancient times) of Kerala. It has the distinction of being the only temple in which a pooja is performed before Nirmalyam (the ritual purification). This pooja is known as Sakthi Pooja now and was earlier known as 'Sarkkara Pooja'. It is performed during the 41-day long Mandala Pooja period of Lord Ayyappa. Goddess Parvathi (Consort of Siva) who is considered the divine personification of Prakruti (Nature) and Sakthi (Power/Energy) is made to be present beside Lord Siva through the ritual of Aavaahanam (invitation).