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Jai Shri Krishna

நரசிம்ம உக்கிரம் உடைத்து வந்த
பரமசிவம் பறவையாய் எழுந்த என் கோவே!
ஹர ஹர எனச் சொல்லி ஆனந்தமாக்கி உன்னை
உரத்த குரலில் கூவி அழைப்பேன் சாலுவேசா என்றே
சிரம் இரண்டும் கண் மூன்றும் கூறிய மூக்குடனே
கரம் நான்காய் எனைக் காத்தருளும் கருணாகரனே!
பரம் பொருளே! சரபேசா!வாழி வாழியே!


This page explains What,Why and how of Templewiki.

What is Templewiki

Templewiki aims to be a portal that provides all kinds of information that will interest a temple goer.To say a few

  • Historical
  • Architectural
  • Festivals celebrated
  • Poojas & customs practiced
  • Poems & Hymns on the temple
  • Saints associated with the temples
  • Do's & Dont's
  • How to reach
  • Temple timings
  • Places to Stay
  • Nearby temples

In Short,Templewiki is a combo of wikipeda and wikitravel.

Templewiki is and will be a non-Profit and Non-Revenue Generating website.

The List of Temples we intend to have is non exhaustive ,Any temple from the Puranic ages till the temple built yesterday has space in Templewiki

Why Templewiki

While there is a webundance of information of temples available already in the cyberspace,Why Templewiki.

  • Information in a Structured format
  • Open Platform where anyone can add info

This is a humble effort to bring all temple related information under one hub.

How is it made

Templewiki works on the Mediawiki script.

Templewiki is an open platform which relies on the strength of temple enthusiasts who love to share the info about the temples they visit.

If you have any word of advice for us ,Kindly Mail to