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Appakudathan Perumal

Sri Appakudathan Temple is Located about 25kms East of Trichy on the Kallanai -Thiruvayaru road near Thirukattupalli, Koviladi AppaKudanthan temple in ThiruPer Nagar is situated right on the banks of Cauvery. This is a temple that dates to a period before the Srirangam Ranganatha temple. In centuries gone by, people used to visit Koviladi and walk 2 kms across the Coloroon to reach Anbil Divya Desam Lord Vazhikatti Vinanayaka (Guiding Vinayaka) graces the place. Upamanyu and Sage Parasara had the darshan of Lord Appakudathan here

Deity     : Appakudathan Facing west in Sayana Kolam (Reclining Posture) 
Goddess   : Indira Devi / Kamalavalli
Utsavar   : Appaala Rangan
Prabandams: 33 Pasurams 
Azhwars   : Thirumangai,Thirumazhisai,Periazhwar and Nammazhwar 
Theertham : Indira Pushkarini
Sthala Vriksham : Purasa tree

It is said that Appaala Ranganatha led/measured the steps for Srirangam Ranganatha and hence the name ‘Kovil - Adi’ (Srirangam is called the ‘Kovil’ among the Divya Desams, Adi is ‘steps’)


The Emperuman here in this sthalam says that he will not go out from the hearts of his devotees and as well as from this sthalam. ("Peyarthal means getting out"). So this sthalam is called as "Thirupper Nagar".

Lord Shiva gave Thirupparkadal as milk, when Rishi Ubamanyu was in his childhood crying due to hunger. This is explained in "Siva Puranam".

Thirupparkadal is the place that belongs to Sri Vishnu. But, When Lord Shiva is giving dharshan to his devotee Rishi Ubamanyu, Sri Vishnu is helping him out to give the complete fulfilment of dharshan of Lord Shiva.

To explain more about this, the position of Shri Vishnu in this temple clearly explains how he helped out Lord Shiva. He is giving seva as Ranganathan (In sleeping position) and his right hand is in a position as giving to Rishi Ubamanyu as "Aranga Varadhan" in Kidantha Thirukkolam. Appam, which is one of the delicious food item done in interior parts of Tamil Nadu. It will be very sweetful if it is taken along with Milk. Sriman Narayanan is giving Appam which is kept inside kudam (A small vessel) which is full of Milk. He is giving this Appam to Ubamanyu Rishi by hugging him along his right hand.

Appam Prepared for the Lord

Pandyan king, Ubharisaravasu while hunting killed a brahmin by mistake who was on a tapas on the banks of a river. Grief stricken king renounced his throne and wandered around, finally reaching Tirupper Nagar. One night Lord Siva appeared in the king's dream and asked him to worship Lord Narayana at this kshetram to get rid of the brahmahati dosham. There upon Ubharisaravasu built a temple for Lord Narayana and each day after worship offered food to the athithis along with appam. One day Sriman Narayana came to Ubharisaravasu house disguised as a poor old brahmin and asked for food. The king requested the Brahmin to wait till the other Brahmins also arrived. But the old brahmin said he was too hungry to wait and started eating the food. But to the surprise of Ubharisaravasu the old brahmin ate all the food, and wanted some more. He said, only appams made of ghee will satiate his hunger. The king Ubharisaravasu requested him to take rest and went in to cook appams. At that time sage Parasarar, who was seeking Lord Vishnu, was directed by Lord Siva to Upamanyu's place to worship the Lord disguised as an old Brahmin. Parasarar went to the king’s house where he saw the old Brahmin lying on a couch holding an appa kudam in one hand. Parasarar approached the brahmin and bowed. There upon Lord Narayana regaining His original form and gave darshan to Parasarar,Upamanyu and blessed both, also blessed king Ubharisaravasu to get rid of his curse and regained his lost powers.

Being the one who consumed a pot of this sweet delicacy, the Lord here is called ‘Appa Kudathan.' To this day, one finds the ‘pot' to the right of the Sleeping Lord inside the sanctum. This is the only Divyadesam where Appam is offered daily to the Lord.

Pancha Rangam Kshetram

This is a Pancha ‘Rangam’ Kshetram - Aathi Rangam(Srirangapatnam), Madhya Rangam (Srirangam), Chathurthara Rangam (Kumbakonam), Pancha Rangam (Indhalur) and Appala Rangam (Appakudathaan- Koviladi)


Appakudathan Temple

The temple has a three-tiered rajagopuram facing west and an elevated structure approached through 21 steps. The temple has inscriptions from the 18th year of the reign of Aditya Chola.As per Nammazhwar, the temple was home to the Vedic scholars of the time. The inscriptions in the temple indicate donations given towards the building of the main hall.Koviladi was one of the focal points of fighting in the regions surrounding Tiruchirapalli during the Anglo-French war; there are no records on the contributions or damages caused by this war.

There are sannithis for Ganesha, Anjaneya and Azhwars.


Thirumangai Azhvaar was so enticed by this Lord that he says he could not forget Lord AppaKudathaan even when he went to Thiruvellarai (another Divya Desam on the other side of Coloroon).

துலக்கம் இல் சுடரை அவுணன் உடல் பிளக்கும் மைந்தனை 
பேரில் வணங்கிபோய் அளப்பு இல் ஆர் அமுதை 
அமரர்க்கு அருள் விளக்கினை சென்று 
வெள்ளரயில்  காண்டுமே 

Appakudathaan Ranganathar is one of the 7 temples referred by Thirumazhisai Azhavaar of Lord Vishnu in reclining Posture - others being Srirangam, Thiru Kudanthai (Kumbakonam), Anbil (Vadivazhagiya Nambi), Thiru Vallur, ThiruVekka and Thiru Paarkadal.

Nammazhvaar sang the last of his Paasurams about Appaala Rangan before attaining Moksham.Hence, the belief is that one worshipping Perumal here is sure to reach Vaikunta.


Those seeking child boon, freedom from fear of death, to develop qualities of humility, for relief from adverse planetary aspects, sins and curses, facing endless problems, pray to Perumal for solutions


The chariot festival is the most prominent festival of the temple and also for the villages around. It is celebrated during the Tamil month of Panguni (April–May) and devotees from various places pull the chariot round the streets of Koviladi. Verses from the Nalayira Divya Prabandham are recited by a group of temple priests amidst music with nagaswaram (pipe instrument) and tavil (percussion instrument). Vaikunta Ekadashi during December–January, Navarathri during September–October and butter pot breaking ceremony (locally called uri adi) are the other festivals celebrated in the temple.

Temple Timings

  • Morning 7am-12noon
  • Evening 4pm-8pm

Nearby Temples

  • Sriranganathan Temple , Srirangam is 25 kms from here
  • Thiruvellarai
  • Anbil Sundaraja Perumal Temple is across the river but the bridge is bit far from the temple making it 16 kms on road from here.

How to Reach & Stay

Trichy is the nearest City to reach & stay. Buses ply every half hour from Tiruchi Central bus stand and Chathiram bus stand. Take a bus to Kallanai from Chathiram Bus Stand in Trichy. This route takes one along a narrow route right next to the Cauvery. From Kallanai, Koviladi is about 5 kms further East on the way to Thiruvaiyaru, just before Thiru Kaatuppalli. One could take Trichy - Kumbakonam bus going via Thiruvaiyaru, though this service is not that frequent.

Contact Nos :Phone +91- 4362-281488, 281460. 

Nearest Railway Station is Trichy